Reflections after first month as Coordinator

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Reflections after first month as Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m very happy to be bringing you this post and sharing my thoughts on my first few weeks in role as the new Mindful Employer coordinator. I’m also happy to say a massive thanks to Sally Hall who’s created a fantastic foundation for the initiative in Leeds and leaves big shoes to fill!

I’m Sarah Moore and I’ve worked in the Leeds area for the past 6 years implementing sustainability and corporate responsibility programmes in private businesses. At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to find a role where I could support many businesses at once to make a positive change; and mental health is a very important issue to me so I’m passionate about this role.

It was lucky that I managed to pick Sally’s brains for a couple of days before she went on maternity leave and I was certainly in at the deep end with my first Steering Group meeting on my second day. Since that first week I’ve had a great induction at Workplace Leeds (the service provider) and the wider Leeds Mind organisation – it seems a cliché but everyone really is happy to be working here!

The Network seems to be going from strength to strength after the conference (11 new members) and the event yesterday on Mindfulness was a great success. Emma Wardropper and Diane Needham from Capital One inspired us around the benefits of the practice not only personally but in the workplace. Shona Lowe took our group through two practice mindfulness sessions – that experience definitely prompted a lot of discussion. For those of you who couldn’t attend I’ll post a longer piece on the meeting including links & resources next week.

Overall I can’t wait to meet more Mindful Employers and keep sharing ideas, best practice and outcomes for a more positive attitude towards mental health in the workplace. Attached is the brochure for what’s planned for the Network this year and how I and the Network can support you. Mindful Employer 2015

Please just get in touch if you have any questions about mental health in the workplace, Mindful Employer or resources you can access on 0113 230 2631 or email

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