World Mental Health Day 2014

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World Mental Health Day 2014

World Mental Health Day is 10/10/14 – so we have devised 10 actions employers can take on 10/10. Here’s a list of 10 things you could do as an individual or organisation to mark World Mental Health Day (and beyond)…

1/ Putting up a poster in your workplace to promote positive attitudes to mental health.

Here’s a selection from Time to Change to print off and display:

Some specially designed posters for Mindful Employer charter signatories only:

2/ Hosting a ‘Tea and Talk’ (as promoted by the Mental Health Foundation)

For promotional posters and an information pack, click here:

3/ Ensuring your organisation has signed the Mindful Employer charter (or, if you are already a signatory, remind staff of this via internal comms)

You can sign the charter via this information pack:

4/ Ring a friend you know is having a tough time (or a colleague who is off work due to mental health issues)

5/ Organise a training session for managers or staff in your workplace (or request that HR organise this)

Leeds Mind offers specialist ‘Skills for Managers’ training to empower managers to better manage staff with mental health difficulties. See attached leaflet for more information. Training is also offered by ACAS and Community Links.

6/ Make the ‘Time to Change’ pledge – as an individual or an organisation

You can do this here:

7/ Start a conversation about mental health at work

8/ Book a ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ workshop for your team – or organise a team away day/night out/activity

You could access workplace wellbeing sessions via local providers such as Halsa Workplace Wellbeing:

Or Resilient People:

Workplace massages are available via several providers in Leeds, including:

9/ Share a copy of the Mindful Employer ‘Line Managers’ Resource’ with managers in your workplace

You can access this here:

10/ Share information about support services (eg Access to Work, Employment Peer Support, IAPT, Job Retention support) with your colleagues via email or a team meeting

I am happy to share any resources you might find useful….just ask and I will send you anything I have access to.

 Please let me know if you plan to take any of these actions by commenting in the box below. Thanks!


 Sally Hall

Leeds Mindful Employer Coordinator, Leeds Mind

0113 2302631

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