The Charter

Commitment to your staff

The Charter is not an accreditation, award or a set of quality standards but it does indicate a willingness to work towards better practice. 

Employers can be involved in Mindful Employer without being a Charter Signatory however, signing the charter is a public display of your commitment to improving the working lives of your staff. 

By signing the Mindful Employer Charter you will:

  • Show that your organisation is working towards putting its principles in to practice
  • Be demonstrating your commitment to the mental wellbeing of your staff
  • Receive a personalised Charter showing the company name and logo
  • Be able to use the Mindful Employer logo

“It makes sense, it makes a difference and supports and underpins our organisations compassionate values.” Public Health, Leeds City Council

As a Charter Signatory, you will receive:

  • Complimentary copies of Line Managers’ Resource & Keeping Well at Work
  • The opportunity to display your company logo on Mindful Employer Leaflets
  • Free posters to display in the workplace
  • Discount on mental health awareness sessions at your workplace run by National MINDFUL EMPLOYER and Workways
  • A copy of Working Towards to help you identify current good practice, areas for improvement and actions to take
  • Offers and discounts made available by other signatories and organisations

You can find information on how to join the Charter, and a full list of current Signatories here.


“Learning Partnerships were really pleased to sign up for the Charter to show that we are an Employer positive about mental health. We want to show not just our employees but our volunteers and supporters that we have a positive attitude in supporting and recruiting individuals who have or are experiencing mental health issues and that we take a non-judgemental and proactive approach to supporting them in the workplace”.


Lisa Metcalf, Senior Executive, Learning Partnerships

“We are all aware that 1 in 4 people face mental health difficulties at some point in their life. These issues are not left at the door when they come to work and so the workplace has an important role in raising awareness of mental health issues and providing support for those who may be affected. Leeds City Council signed up as a Mindful Employer in 2011 and we have found that this has been a great way to review our ways of working to ensure that there are no barriers to people with mental health conditions who either work for or wish to work for the council. It also helps us to articulate and promote all the things we do to support our staff at work and send a positive message about how we enact our core values. Having a workforce that is ‘safe, well and at work’ has benefits for the individual, the city and the employer in terms of reduced absenteeism, improved performance and motivation. I would recommend any employer, however large or small, to sign up to the Charter for Employers who are Positive about Mental Health”


Tom Riordan, Chief Executive, Leeds City Council

“Signing the Mindful Employer Charter has confirmed our commitment as an organisation to supporting our staff and demonstrating our awareness of how mental health issues can affect staff in the workplace.”


Helena Bladon, Development Manager, Carers Leeds