Terms of Reference

Overall aim

To enable prospective and existing Mindful Employer charter signatories in Leeds and Yorkshire to achieve non-discriminatory recruitment policies, offer reasonable workplace adjustments and effectively challenge stigma around mental health, thereby creating workplaces that enhance mental wellbeing and improve employment prospects for people with mental health issues across the city.


The group will provide a forum for prospective and existing Mindful Employers across the city to:

  • Seek out expertise from mental health specialists to resolve specific issues regarding absence management or retention of individual staff members
  • Enhance wellbeing at work in ways that might prevent mental health difficulties from developing in the first place
  • Access and share resources (such as publications on managing workplace stress, online CBT courses, information on employment law, online information on mental health conditions and medication)
  • Develop better communication between employment services and mental health service providers
  • Share information and ideas about how to support employees/candidates with mental health issues
  • Keep up-to-date with service changes in healthcare provision, local authority plans, benefits entitlements and provision of employment support services in Leeds
  • Share news about upcoming vacancies that may be suitable for clients of WorkPlace Leeds and other employment support services
  • Reduce stigma around mental health issues generally, focusing specifically on reducing stigma within the workplace
  • Discuss and develop ways of partnership working that can enable employees and/or clients to gain and/or retain employment and maintain their health and wellbeing in a confidential setting

Benefits to Employers

  • Embed Mindful Employer status through adhering to aims of Mindful Employer charter
  • Opportunity to enhance employees’ wellbeing
  • Forum for problem-solving issues such as absenteeism/presenteeism
  • Better management of mental health issues in workplace is likely to lead to greater productivity and performance
  • Understanding of what is required to ensure compliance with the Equalities Act 2010.

What would being part of the Mindful Employer Network involve?

Members of the Mindful Employer Network would be invited to attend quarterly meetings and would be included in an online networking group/mailing list where information can be shared and opportunities promoted.


Meetings will take the form of a themed workshop, regularly including guest and lived experience speakers, as well as following a member-determined agenda, and providing opportunity for networking. It is anticipated that meetings would last for approx. 120 minutes. The Network plans to meet quarterly. Meetings may be organised in partnership with external partners or members of the Network.